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This book covers:

Writing – crafting your content, finding your style, tools to help with your grammar and spelling and how to overcome creator’s block.

Layout & Design – choosing a theme, what to have in your sidebar, creating an easy-to-navigate blog, readability and images.

SEO – keyword research, how to use your keywords, site speed, lowering your bounce rate and improving your domain authority.

Organisation – planning your time, making a schedule, how to stick to your schedule and setting goals.

Email Marketing – when to start building your list, different services available, growing your list, freebie ideas and what to include in your emails.

Blog Monetization – affiliate marketing, finding sponsored opportunities, pitching to brands and creating products.

WordPress Plugins Your Blog Must Have – a couple of of my favourites and what purpose they serve to help you get started.

You will notice that social media is not included in that list and that’s because I wanted this to focus solely on your blog. Social media is undeniably important in blogging, but you want to learn some basics of blogging itself before you attempt to tackle social media.

Most blogging courses I have taken and books I’ve read have been PACKED full of information. I’m hoping you’ll find this one to be no different.

Where I do want it to be different, alternatively, is with a bit of focus on yourself, and your mental well-being. A guide that doesn’t only boost your blog, but also your confidence. I will be able to shout about the positives of having a blog from the rooftops, but I’m also aware of the negatives. The stress. The comparisons. The self-doubt.

So, during this book, there are a selection of affirmations, accompanied by a short essay to give you a bit of a boost.

This is a blogging guide unlike any other. It’s been lovingly created to not only educate you, but also REALLY encourage you. I hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: This book is for individuals who already have their blog up and running. It is mostly aimed at bloggers who are self-hosted on the platform or are planning to be in the near future. There may be other nuggets of information in here to help those the use of other platforms but please be aware that this is who my target is.

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