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Did you know that you have the power and authority to kick satan out of your mind and out of your life! In relation to heartache, heartbreak, bitterness, anger and resentment, failing to give protection to the spiritual heart is steadily the root cause of these strongholds. Love can be painful or it can be beautiful. The great news is that God’s love never wavers. It is genuine and pure.
There are some very practical biblical anecdotes for overcoming matters of the heart. You don’t have to continue this journey of life with a broken heart. Guard Your Heart, the latest book from Award Winning and Amazon Best Selling writer, Sharon Crittenden provides strategies by applying the whole armor of God to fight the enemy! There is a way to prevent satan from controlling your mind, body and soul. In this edition, there is a 10-Day Prayer Devotional included as you prepare to detox your heart and release your mind from the burdens you are carrying.

•Does the uncertainty and chaos from relationships keep you up at night?
•Are irrational levels of grief, resentment and heartache your constant companion?
•How are you able to take pleasure in a prevention plan from repeated cycles in your relationships?

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. This book is helpful for both couples and singles. Maybe you or someone you know struggles with heartache, heartbreak, jealousy, grief, or bitterness.

Sharon writes, “Dealing with our hurt and life’s troubles are enough to strangle our well-emotional being.” She knows exactly what it feels like to be overcome by resentment, heartache and grief, which is why she has dedicated this book to aiding thousands of men and women. This book hopes to encourage millions to take back regulate of their minds, emotions and as result, their lives!

Guard Your Heart invites readers to dive into Proverbs 4:23. This is the least published topic on Amazon, but happens to be one the most influential and inspirational scriptures from the Holy Bible:

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”

As long as you are living, breathing and have relationships with people, you are going to all the time have to face matters of the heart.
Discover the pathway to experience more
•Physical Restoration

Through the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. Heartache and heartbreak are an unavoidable part of life. In essence, it’s also a tactic of the enemy to overtake you. A broken and bitter heart doesn’t have to regulate you. You’ll make it through every setback and setup to rob you of the promises of God.

Stop allowing your heavy hearts condition to consume your life. Join the writer, Sharon Crittenden on a journey to putting on the whole armor of God one piece at a time. You are certain to enjoy total and complete emotional healing.

Do not delay healing of your heart! Download this book today and lean how to build your relationships on a solid, yet lasting spiritual foundation.

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