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–Do you wish to have to be told about a secret weapon for podcasters?
–Do you wish to have to start a podcast but not sure where to start?
–Do you wish to have to start a podcast, website, and blog with affordable and reliable hosting?
–Do you wish to have the ability to set up a couple of podcasts without breaking the bank?
–Do you wish to have the ability to monetize or cover the costs of producing a podcast and maintaining a website?
–Is retaining 100% ownership of your media content important to you?
–Are you a teacher or school interested in podcasting for the school room?
–Are you a student wanting to start a podcast and blog on a budget that may be flexible and works on all devices?
–Are you a business or organization wanting the ability to create private podcasts for internal use only or to communicate with stakeholders?
–Are you a podcaster wanting the ability to create private podcast feeds of bonus or archived episodes for patrons or subscribers?
–Do you have already got a blog on and need to repurpose your content as a podcast?


If you said yes to any of these questions, this eBook is for you.


This eBook is a start-to-finish comprehensive guide and tutorial on how to setup and launch a podcast and website the usage of is not a secret. 

Podcasting is not a secret.

Until now, it almost seemed as though podcasting on used to be a secret.

The secret is out about how affordable, reliable, and flexible podcast hosting is on

This eBook will show you how to get started today.


My name is Mike Murphy. I am a podcaster, tutorial maker, and tech handyman. I help people figure things out.

The purpose of this guide is to spread awareness of as a podcast and website hosting solution and to teach people how to use it. After months of researching and learning, I discovered there is not much documentation on how to use for podcasting, so I created the missing guide and tutorial.

How To Podcast on has five parts:

1. Why use and the story in the back of why I wrote the guide.
2. What is WordPress? What is media hosting? What does cost?
3. The Tutorial: How to set up a podcast, website, and blog on and how to launch your podcast to the world on Apple Podcasts/iTunes.
4. Post-Launch: What are the next steps after you launch your podcast?
5. The Library: Learning resources and links about podcasting.

Visit for more information.
The website and podcast were created the usage of this guide.


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