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I wrote Perfect SoloPreneur to answer the question: how would I turn out to be a SoloPreneur if I had to start from scratch in every single place again? Today, everybody has the opportunity to create a brand and turn out to be a SoloPreneur or an entrepreneur the use of mostly free tools on the World Wide Web. But the path is littered with traps and misinformation. This book includes the things I’ve learnt on this journey, after failing more times than I will be able to understand that.


About Hoz:
Hoz has worked with clients in 21 countries, creating, optimising and launching websites, online stores and brands. He has created 3 physical product brands which he runs to this day as well as a digital marketing agency and a publishing business. Before that he was a touring musician..

Recently, Hoz determined to start blogging and vlogging to share his journey with other SoloPreneurs. He’s just getting started in the bloggesphere but he brings all his experience and humour with him.

He determined to put his hindsight to use and write Perfect SoloPreneur as the blueprint he would have followed if he had to do this whole thing again from scratch. Perfect SoloPreneur is a bird’s eye view of what it takes to create digital empires. The premise of the book is a call to action to today’s unprecedented opportunity to create a personal brand and generate revenue online working from home or anywhere else and designing the life you wish to have.

What’s the difference between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs have teams on whom they rely on to carry out their ideas. SoloPrenerus get a hold of ideas and then roll up their sleeves and do the work. As a result of this limitation, SoloPreneurs have less scale than entrepreneurs – especially those on a budget. This book talks about crucial things SoloPreneurs can leverage to increase their output.

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