Unconventional Website Advice: The low-cost, no-BS way to build your business on the web

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Unconventional Website Advice is a short book of guidelines to building a small business on the internet. Written by Todd A, who has been developing and writing for websites since 1999, the book aims to dispel the conventional wisdom that causes too many businesses to spend their website dollars in the incorrect place. With short chapters covering practical details (when you want to engage a web agency, how to communicate with web professionals, how to approach ecommerce), in addition to ideas that are the opposite of everything you’ve been told (why you should not use WordPress, why you do not want to blog, why to overlook about Facebook), Unconventional Website Advice is a quick read in order to enlighten anyone kicking off a website for their small business.

The book walks you through a typical website project (Kick-Off, Build, Strategy, Launch, Growth) and provides Blueprints for building it yourself, how to blog, and simple search engine marketing explanations.

The book builds on the theme of Todd’s previous book, good.simple.open: the values that lead to better work, by opening up the work that he does and presenting simple guidelines for website clients.

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