WordPress Security 101: How to secure your website against hackers

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Worried about hackers taking over your website? Discover how to protected your WordPress site so you’ll never lose keep watch over.

Are you afraid of losing your personal information in a security breach? Has your website already been hacked? As the founder of a internet security company and tech blog, Brecht Ryckaert has years of experience in teaching proper online precautions. And now he’s here that can assist you.

WordPress Security 101 accommodates step by step solutions for safeguarding your site against potential threats. Through Ryckaert’s methods, you’ll discover common WordPress weaknesses that attract hackers. You’ll also learn how to identify these weak spots and exactly how to bulk up your defenses against harmful breaches.

In WordPress Security 101, you’ll discover:

  • How to scan your website and plugins for malicious content
  • How to configure security plugins for an additional layer of protection
  • Where to find plugins and themes that won’t harm your website
  • How your website could get hacked through your own PC
  • What steps to take if your site has already been hacked, and much, a lot more!

This will have to-have resource is your comprehensive guidebook for a hack-proof website that’s suitable for any level of experience. If you like hands-on approaches to internet security, simple explanations of complex topics, and learning the most up-to-date information, then you’ll love Brecht Ryckaert’s actively maintained and practical guide.

Buy WordPress Security 101 today to fend off hackers for good!

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